System Overview brings the latest in web technology to the patent management world, enabling Intellectual Property (IP) law professionals and legal departments to better manage cases and related information. system is a comprehensive online patent management software system designed to address the professional and clerical needs of IP professionals. is developed to reduce the paper and mail processing required for the efficient patent management. system is a browser based IP management system using a Microsoft SQL Server database manipulated by web pages. The information is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Database. MS SQL is capable of handling large amounts of data consistent with multiple high-volume cases.

The system allows to manage all relevant information online, i.e. to store all case related information, to send reminders to clients and receive instructions from clients electronically.

Using only a web browser, in-house counsel can track, from anywhere in the world, any relevant information on any number of cases, saving vast amounts of time and improving the quality of the operational performance. enables IP law firms to manage online large amounts of case information to improve the quality and responsiveness of the service provided to clients.

We understand that for IP professionals time literally means money, so we designed a system that contains all the required information in one place, is flexible, easy to use, and does not require training.

Why use

If you are a member of IP law firm or legal department looking for the most efficient and functional electronic organization of your cases, you will want to take a look at the system.

The current paper-based process results in high administrative costs to manage paper files and to maintain duplicate files among patent owners, law firms, and other participants.

The reliance on paper prohibits remote access to information, restrains geographically distributed processing, affecting patent quality and throughput. system gives IP professionals the ability to quickly find, share and access all document types, both electronic computer-generated files and paper-origin scanned documents available electronically using our Integrated Scanning and Document Upload features. Intraoffice and interoffice communications, and an efficient task and calendar management as well as invoicing system are essential for organized and successful IP professionals. system provides 24/7 online availability of all relevant patent information.

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